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Scorecard Navigation to Metric no longer taking to the visual the metric is connected to

The Scorecard metric navigation when you click on "Open the report the value is connected to" no longer navigates to the Visual where i connected the metric.


This seems to have changed today. Previously when i clicked on my connected measures, it would take to the report and to the specific page and visual selected of the measure.


Today it only takes you to the front page of the report.




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Hi all , 


This issue has been fixed. Please try agian and check it.

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @RaphaelDalmeida ,


Does the problem persist if you try to create a new scorecard? I wasn't able to reproduce your question, did I miss something?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

Regular Visitor

Hi @v-xiaoyan-msft,


Problem still persists.


Previous to the 18/08/22, when i added a metric to a Scorecard connected to one of my existing reports in the PBI environment and then clicked on the "Open the report this value is connected to" it took me directly to the report and PAGE of the report with the specific PBI Visual SELECTED to where the value is connected to.


After the 18/08 when clicking on "Open the report this value is connected to" it only opens the report at the main/first page. It no longer takes you to the page neither have the visual pre selected. 


Example of how it used to work before:

As per picture below, i had a metric connected to the following visual/measure in my report.

The KPI Indicator Visual. So whenever i open the report connected to, it takes me directly to the page of the visual and "Selects" the visual in question.








New Member

Dear RaphaelDalmeida ,

Thank you for flagging this issue, within my team we experienced exactly the same problem.

Hopefully, this issue will be solved my Microsoft anytime soon.


@v-caitlyn-mstf, this problem indeed still exists.

Regular Visitor

Hi, this issue seems to have been resolved over the weekend or today.


Its back to normal working right now. Has this been identified and resolved ? or was just a stroke of luck? thanks!

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered

Hi all , 


This issue has been fixed. Please try agian and check it.