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Scorecard Metrics not Staying Up to Date

Hello Support,


I am hoping someone can help me solve a recent issue with my scorecards. Starting 3/7/23 my scorecard goals are not staying updated with the linked reports. 

I have multiple Metrics linked directly to reports. 


The scorecards are no longer auatomatically updating. I have to manually update them by refreshing the connection to the report. Even though the report is automatically refreshing



I have both the report and scorecard data sets set to automatically updated multiple times a day. And despite those occuring without errors the data in the scorecard is not updating. This is causing issues with our performance KPIs.



I have not changed anything in either report to cause the changes. I have even added new goals that are also not updating. 

Status: Delivered

Hi @kaylastarr ,

Seems the issue was resolved, please try again in your side.


Best regards,

Community Support Team_yanjiang

Frequent Visitor

For me - It is now working on some Scorecards but not others. All of which are using connected method.

Frequent Visitor

The scorecards with submetrics seem to work again.


But we also have a scorecard without submetrics, and that one is still not updating after the linked dataset is refreshed.

Helper I

Still no scorecard refresh for me this morning. 

Frequent Visitor

Is there a url I can go to prove that microsoft are working on this issue? Silence is deafening! 

Regular Visitor

Out metrics do work stable for about a week. I keep an eye on the situation every day.

It looks that fix for this issue is rolling out slowly and not works on all tenants at once.

Frequent Visitor

Can I just check that this is still an intial for some/most/all of you? I checked again today and none are updating.  

Regular Visitor

@DarrenCooper Working for me now since last week. 
My region is here : 



Regular Visitor

Still not working here. Script works as a workaround.

Helper I

In addition to the scorecards not updating, the dataset refresh history shows no updates, but the data is definitely updating. The underlying datamart is fine. I think the problem is somewhere in the interface between a datamart and a dataset. The scorecard never gets to hear about the data refresh because the dataset reports nothing has happened, even though it has.

Regular Visitor

@GzzztBrain  this could be because the dataset is a directquery link to the datamart, so it doesn't refresh, but I don't think that is the root of this issue as most people have had no issues previously.