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Scorecard Metrics not Staying Up to Date

Hello Support,


I am hoping someone can help me solve a recent issue with my scorecards. Starting 3/7/23 my scorecard goals are not staying updated with the linked reports. 

I have multiple Metrics linked directly to reports. 


The scorecards are no longer auatomatically updating. I have to manually update them by refreshing the connection to the report. Even though the report is automatically refreshing



I have both the report and scorecard data sets set to automatically updated multiple times a day. And despite those occuring without errors the data in the scorecard is not updating. This is causing issues with our performance KPIs.



I have not changed anything in either report to cause the changes. I have even added new goals that are also not updating. 

Status: Delivered

Hi @kaylastarr ,

Seems the issue was resolved, please try again in your side.


Best regards,

Community Support Team_yanjiang

Regular Visitor

I've opened new ticket in Microsoft and spoke to their engineer. 

Latest news is: We have checked with internal teams and this might fix over weekend.
Please monitor the issue on Monday and let us know the status.

Frequent Visitor

I monitored our metrics this morning, but it seems like we still got the same problem.

So the issue might not be fixed past weekend.

New Member

I suffer from the same problem. Created new metrics last March 15 and none of them automatically update even though connected data is updated daily.  

Helper II

No update today (Monday): had to do it manually.

Regular Visitor

Still having issues today. No automated refreshes taking place still and need to refresh manually 100s of metrics. Lots of dates in the future too on the metrics history.

Frequent Visitor

Same here. It is starting to get really frustrating.

Regular Visitor

same here. Please investigate seriously, won't go away over time!

Helper II

Same as everyone else here - metrics are still not refreshing automatically.

Helper II

Not sure whether this is related, but the last update date on the dataset is wrong. In my case, the dataset was automatically created from a datamart. The datamart is working fine, and the data is refreshing automatically, but the last update date on the dataset is stalled and several days out of date.

New Member

I have the same issue since 2 weeks ago. My Scorecard is connected but not updating automatically. I need to be manually refreshing. Any solution ?