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Scheduled Refresh Failed - PBIRS OCT 2020

Since we upgraded the PBIRS and Power-BI Desktop (RS) to OCT 2020 version, unable to run the scheduled refresh, always it failed with following error message:



SessionID: dc183c37-3cf8-450f-bd7f-21bf110f0d57
[0] -1056505856: COM error: Microsoft.PowerBI.ReportServer.ASEngineManagedRoot, Datasource {"protocol":"tds","address":{"server":"hostname","database":"DBA"},"authentication":null,"query":null} is not found..



When downgrade the Power-BI desktop to May 2020 version and publish the same report in PBIRS, it works without any error. 

Tried disabling the Preview Feature option as suggested here..., but didn't work. In my case, the data-source of the report is a view of SQL Database (no T-SQL query within data-source).

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Same Problem im my company since October Update ReportServer.
Please bring HotFix.

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Same issue for us.  

We have now disabled the preview feature (Enhanced Meta Data) in the PowerBI Desktop for RS (Oct 2020) version, but now have a dozen PowerBI reports that had been modified/newly created while this preview feature (which is turned on by default in the installation, despite being a preview feature) that are not refreshing on the report portal. 

Hopefully Microsoft will issue a response or a hotfix quickly. 

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Based on my test, this has been fixed in the latest version published at 11/18/2020.

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@v-chuncz-msft Thanks for notifiying.. Yes, I was able to test last Friday after ugrading 18-Nov-2020 version, and the issue disappear!

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we have several reports on power bi report server which were regularly refreshing every hour. Even since we updated PowerBI Desktop and Report Server to October 2020, some of these reports are not refreshing and the message I receive is this: 

"COM error: mscorlib, An element with the same key has already been added"


I checked everything, like column names with the same name, duplicates, etc. but everything is fine. I can refresh the report without any problem on the Desktop, but the schedule refresh is not running. 


Can anyone help?