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Salesforce data refresh with invalid credentials



I've been experiencing an issue where I cannot refresh the dataset from the Saleforce data source in the Power BI service. While I am in Power BI desktop I am able to refresh the data without issue. While I am in the Power BI service, if I navigate to Settings > Datasets > Report Dataset Credentials, I am shown an error that tells me that the credetials are not correct. Even attempting to re-enter the credentials from this page does not allow the account to accomplish login.


First I select Settings > Datasets > Report.  You can see below the salesforce credentials are not working correctly.




I then click on edit credentials next to sales force and this is the pop up. OAuth2 is the only authentication method possible to select.



I click sign in and this pops up.  I then type in the username and password and click login.



After I click login I get this error that pops up.




The entered credentials are correct and should not return an issue.

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Any updates with this?


I'm surprised this hasn't been resolved yet. I would imagine fixing automatic refresh with Salesforce is a high priority.

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After talking to both parties, salesforce and microsoft support; the only resolves I was able to find from microsoft were 

-use only one link per report, even if you are working with multiple tables, recreate the report fetching multiple tables at once (which is absurd for incremental reports).

-disable single sign on (which is another absurd idea because it might conflict company policy since this feature affects the entire salesforce users).


Luckily for me, we do not use SSO for my company and recreated the report fetching 3-4 tables all at once so that only one link is used this time rather than multiple; for me it is working however if it goes incremental, according to my previous experience, I can guarantee that issue will recur since no party guaranteed that the connector have been updated or so.



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We have the same issue - after a back and forth of calls and emails with MSFT & Salesforce, they came to the conclusion that the issue is using the Professional Edition of Salesforce.

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I got the same issue today, 3/6/2019.   Get error when refresh data on Power BI service to Salesforce

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i got the same issue at 2019-09-30. And it work ok before 2019-09, i do not know what happend at 2019-09-30...

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I am receiving this error even now, years after the original post. I can refresh my SalesForce data in Desktop but Schedule Refresh does not work in Service due to "Invalid" SF credentials (which are not invalid). I don't think we can justify upgrading to SF Enterprise at this time and I do not want to continue to manually refresh and re-upload the report daily.


Are there any other options available yet to allow a Scheduled Refresh for a report that contains both on-premisis data and data in an online standard Professional SalesForce Account?


Thank you