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SSL_Connect certificate verify failed. Error message should offer more details

In both power BI desktop and power BI report server, we are suddenly experiencing the following error when trying to connect to our spark cluster.

Processing error: ODBC: ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][ThriftExtension] (14) Unexpected response from server during a HTTP connection: SSL_connect: certificate verify failed.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 32c52ebd-55ff-4244-85f8-9363322c2504
Request ID: 8b039453-a0e6-7449-d060-919d94415adf
Time: 2021-04-30 20:57:25Z

The datasets were connecting without issue mere hours ago.


Tableau has no problems connecting and extracting data.


Chrome and IE running on the same computer as power BI desktop  are accepting the certificate without issue. If there is a problem with a certificate, then clients should expose the entire received certificate (and chain) as well as providing detailed information about what they dislike about the cert.


We confirmed the certificate received by chrome and powerbi desktop were identical using wireshark.



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PowerBI Desktop and Gateway can only use certificates in the System Trusted Cert Store. This may require administrative rights to the system. Make sure the certificate has been added.

Also consult this reference:



If you are still facing the issue, please install ODBC driver publicly available on the same machine and try to make SSL connection through that. For example in case of Impala data source: Install driver from Install it on the system. Go to Start -> ODBC data sources (64-bit) Configure ODBC DSN with SSL options as shown below:





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Just putting an insight on this topic: In the end we solved that by talking with our network/proxy guys. They found out that some certificates of specific users have expired so they had to update it.


After that, the connections started to work again.




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@enzo_garcia20  How do they identify which certificates they were?

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Even after Configured Spark ODBC Driver, I still get the same error, could you help me with to check what all certificates needs to be updated.

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@_David_Marks_ and @Kuberkumark, hi!


I don't know exactly how they identify wich certificates were expired, but they just told me that they updade our company's certificates.


Maybe someone that knows about network can help.


Best regards.