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Rounding issue in "What if" Parameters

We have noticed that when we generate a series using a "What if" Parameter and use the same as a slicer in our reports, it does not function properly. It randomly rounds the values entered to some near by number in the series. Even such rounding is not consistent which creates a lot of issues in the analysis and user experience.

For example: In Parameter =GENERATESERIES(0, 1000000, 100)

1.)  80,000 --> rounds to --> 79,900 <Refer Screenshot 1>

2.) 500,000 --> rounds to --> 500,200 <Refer Screenshot 2>


Screenshot 1



Screenshot 2



Status: New
Community Support


there is a same case have been submit to pg and get this from pg:

So if there is more than 1002 different values, some may not be taken.

Anything with more than 1002 values will show the rounding problem.

This visual does not have a hi-density mode that would take more samples.
It's an idea to submit to the Ideas web site. 


For your example: In Parameter =GENERATESERIES(0, 1000000, 100)

it will have 10001 value in slicer, that will lead this problem, so just adjust it as In Parameter =GENERATESERIES(0, 100000, 100)

it will work well.


It is designed by default in power bi for now, you could submit your case to idea web site.