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Report page tooltip not refreshing

Hello there,


I am having problem with report page tooltip. The problem is that it does not refersh data immediately after I change slicer value. See example below.

When I select VEN from slicer I see value as 142,115 and 27 on tooltip. see screen shot below.

When I select SEA and the without doing any action I again hover on bar to see tooltip. I see the same values (see screen shot below). This goes away when I rehover on the bar and then I can see the correct value.

Why after changing slicer value, if I hover on the same bar that I hovered on before changing the slicer vlaue, I see last slicer selection related value?

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Community Support

Hi @bhavesh-jadav,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue.






In your scenario, please check if the slicer can filter report page tooltip values. You can add the exact same visual on the current page, when you select the value in the slicer, check if these visuals data is filtered or not. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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It seems that page filters are not passed to tooltip page. After recent MS update, these filters are not passed by default and you have to enable it. Have a look at this answer