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Report Contacts not Reflected in App Contacts -- bug?

am attempting to use the recently announced feature to use report level contact information in Power BI Apps. Near as I can tell the App is always displaying the Workspace contact not the Report level contact. 
To reproduce the issue, set the Workspace contact to a specific user: let's say User A. Take three reports and set the contact information to User B, User C and User D. OPen the reports and use the report title drop down to verify the correct contact info. 
Now publish an App with the three reports. As you prepare to publish select the Show Items Contacts from the Workspace radio button on the Set Up page for the App. 
Open the App and use the title drop down to view the contact info. It will be set to User A (the workspace contact) for all three reports. The expected result is that the three reports should show User B,C and D respectively 
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