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Reorder fields in filter pane is broken

Since the June 2023 release of Power BI desktop, you are no longer able to reorder fields in the filter pane. This issue exists in both Power BI desktop and Power BI service. Please fix it. 

Status: Delivered

Hi @roselilly23 ,

The issue is resolved in the new version 2.119.666.0 64-bit (July 2023).


Best regards,

Community Support Team_yanjiang

Community Support

Hi all,

That fix is checked in and will be in SU07 release.


Best regards,

Community Support Team_yanjiang

Advocate V

Thanks for the update @v-yanjiang-msft. Is SU07 the July release?

Advocate I

My temporary workaround:
- step 1: select your visual and open the filter pane;
- step 2: rename your filter item(add number prefix) and sort alphabetically;
- step 3: try changing sorting by drag and drop - you don't get any result, but only change sorting to custom;
- step 4: rename your filter item back and save your result;



Super User

Yes @roselilly23 


Hopefully July 1. 🤣

Not applicable

@edhans Just how is your reply in any way helpful or relevant?  Are you just posting to get numbers?

New Member

The fields reordering function is still not working. May I know when will July release be updated to fix the issues ?

Super User

Hi @Anonymous those are two accurate workarounds or descriptions. They may not be the only ones. 

I don't get points for posting in the Issues forum. Just offering advice.

Have a great rest of the week!

Kudo Collector

Hi. New version today, but unfortunatelly it is still June Build and did't fix the manual reorder:

Super User

@zapppsr  - this post indicated it would be the a July build. The one today was another June build. You can see that in your Help, About menu. 

Reorder fields in filter pane is broken - Page 2 - Microsoft Fabric Community


Kudo Collector

@edhans ... as I said.