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RS May 2020 update: refresh report with Edit in Power Bi Desktop does not work

Hi! my problem is fully described here 

My issue is almost the same but my data is refreshed after couple of hours without any additional actions:



I notices the following issue: When I open the report with Edit in Power Bi Desktop, manually refresh data and change something small in report view, then save on PowerBI Report Server and refresh browser, nothing happens. In column Modified Date I see that the report has been modified, but in the report the data is old, like I never refreshed it.

After I restart the PowerBI Server (Stop then Start) the reports are refreshed.My data is refreshed after couple of hours without any additional actions



thanks @Anonymous 

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I have a same problem, refreshed data after pbix upload or scheduled refresh are not refreshed in AS cache on server. Report server reports from old and invalid data. Only terrible workaround is periodically restart server. 

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@v-chuncz-msft thx, but it is related to Power BI Report Server, not Power BI Pro

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@az38  - Try a 'Refresh All' after any change has been made on your local and right before you republish the Report back to the report server.


I found that this workaround worked in almost all cases with the issue I was having, which seems like it is similar to yours, see for more details



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@Anonymous it is totally different issue. In your case is not correctly updated layout definition, only sometimes, also on pre May 2020 version, and exist simple and reliable workaround.


This issue is related only to May 2020 PBIRS, and affecting all reports in all cases when refreshing data on PBIRS. The issue is simple, when model si loaded in to cache (integrated SSAS tabular instance) and data are refreshed (manually from PBID or scheduled on PBIRS), then data in cache are not retried and stay in cache, and PBIRS still use old data in cache. Old data in cache stay until model is removed from SSAS, and it can happen only when PBIRS (including integrated SSAS) is restarted, or model is not used for expiration time (by default more than hour). 


Issues is simple, but full workaround is not possible. To reduce impact of this issue, can help decrease expiration time (in SSMS) and for low usage reports it help, but for business critical reports with heavy usage (is used constantly) this is not helpful, only solution is restart PBIRS to remove SSAS cache (or remove SSAS DB manually directly on SSAS instance). E.G. If you have critical reports which are refreshed every hour and this reports are constantly in use over day, data in reports stays on morning version, and only workaround is restart PBIRS every hour.

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@Anonymous No, full data refresh doesn't help in my case