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R package dplyr and rlang versions no longer compatible with each other in Power BI Service

@ v-qiuyu-msft 

R package compatibility bug in the Power BI Service between dplyr and rlang versions. 

rlang package appears to have been updated to version 0.3.0 (despite the documentation still citing 0.2.0).

This version is incompatible with the version of dplyr the documentation suggests is loaded for the Power BI Service (says 0.7.4).

dplyr needs to be updated to 0.7.8 else will error out scripts and is making the filter() function unusable. This is a key operation of dplyr after all...

This error was logged as a version bug in the dplyr github repo back in OCtober 2018. 


Key production reporting is currently affected and this should be an easy fix on MSFT part, not expecting users to rescript their report visuals.

Please address and respond as I will need to feed back to stakeholders as to why their reports have huge errors in them. Note thiese visuals work perfectly in PBI Desktop...

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Same issue here, same cause.


Now my org has some critical dashboards and apps that are "magically" broken and I cannot fix quick enough (dozens of dashboards, hundreds of scripts). No changes on the online files, just the "backend".



Community Support

@cj1905 ,


I would suggest you to create a support ticket here.



Jimmy Tao

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Any update?  We also meet this critical problem, as shown below.


Please help resolve this asap.

Advocate I

Same here, this needs to get fixed asap as most of your pbiviz visuals have stopped working. 


Edit 19/08/2019

Issue now resolved.