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Query refresh displays only the "Evaluating..." stage

After the last Power BI Desktop Update - 2.97.801.0 64-bit (September 2021) - when I click Refresh Query, I see all my queries listed as "Evaluating..." and that's all! The data actually does refresh in time, but I don't see the other phases like connecting, getting data, and the number of rows downloaded as before.
Status: Accepted
Helper IV

Two months with this issue? Ouch!!

Advocate V

I don't know how much time I have left to get a cup of coffee and go to the rest room before my dataset refresh finishes.  I'm doing some serious performance testing here. The other day, I went to the kitchen to get a soda and came back and the refresh was still in progress. If I knew it was gonna take so long then I could have gone to 7-11 and got a pack of cigarettes too. Man I hate these problems!!

Advocate I

Thanks for the update @v-chuncz-msft.

Frequent Visitor

I too am having the same problem. Previously we have the the number of rows loaded when refreshing a table manually. Now in the new version, it seems to be missing and I was confused for a bit then.

Is there any way this feature is mentioned somewhere in the latest update changelog?

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted
Regular Visitor

Same issue here. I am getting data via ODBC connection. It is taking much longer to load and there is no way to see how much data is loaded while the refresh is happening.

Advocate I

This seems to be fixed in the 2.98.1004.0 64-bit (October 2021) update.

Advocate I

Yes that is true. 

Post Patron

Report Server version of Desktop has NOT been updated...

Memorable Member

Please, make fix also in Power BI Desktop RS