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Published report has (Blank) in slicer but not in desktop version

Please fix this bug. There is no reason there should be a (Blank) value in my slicer when it doesn't exist this way in the pbix file, nor are there any blank values for this field, nor would a relationship cause this problem. It looks unprofessional and is quite frankly embarassing that I have to submit it this way to my client.


Published report:



Desktop pbix file:



Status: New
Community Support

hi  @jeycee32 

I have tested on my side, it works well.

if you had refreshed the dataset in power bi service?

if possible, could you please share your sample pbix file for us have a test, that will be a great help.


and as a workaround, you may try this:

1) Go to visual level filters of this slicer
2) Choose Advanced and then choose "Is not blank"




Regular Visitor

We see this same problem.  I am not sure when it started, but I can verify that the bug is valid on 1/25/2021.  Did you guys (Microsoft) push anything new to the power bi service?


I really do not want to go into all of our reports in all our environments and add extra filters.  


Please let us know when you think this will get resolved.

Regular Visitor

To reproduce:


  1. Download the newest version of Power BI desktop.
    • Version: 2.88.1144.0 64-bit (December 2020)
  2. Create a slicer with 1 column (I used a tabular model)
  3. Create 1st Slicer with 1 column from dimension 1
  4. Create 2nd slicer with 2 columns from dimension 2 (to create a hierarchy)
  5. Create a table in the power bi report with a measure from the fact table.


Power BI Desktop will show "(Blank)" as the first item in Slicer 1, it will not show "(Blank)" in Slicer 2. 


The Power BI Service (you do not have to build an app) will show "(Blank)" as the first item in both Slicer 1 and Slicer 2.  


This is the first day that I have noticed this behavior.


Community Support

hi  @daveg01 

I have create a report as you said, it works well too on my side.

and my power bi desktop is Version: 2.88.1385.0 64-bit (December 2020)


if possible, could you please share your sample pbix file for us have a test?




Regular Visitor

I can't share a report that points to our data model.  I spent a lot of time trying to repro this in a way to share.  In the process I was able to narrow down the usecase.


Tabluar Model:

1. Create primary fact table

"FactTable (FactKey, DimKey)"

"Dim(DimKey,SlicerAttrib1, SlicerAttrib2)

2. Create second table (lower the grain) with an FK to the primary fact table. 

SecondTable(FactKey, LowerGrainAttrib)

3. Create Relationship between Fact and Dim (used for the slicer)

4. Create a Many to One relationship from SecondTable to FactTable. 

This will allow you to lower the grain. 

Note: You do no need data to lower the grain, just the releationship.

5. Disable the releationship (do not delete). 

Tabular model does not respect disabiling the relationship. It does does not care if it is enabled or disabled.


You report will now display the blank values. 

If you delete the (disabled) relationship the blanks will not display.


IMO this is 2 microsoft bugs.

1. Power BI displays this differently between the Power BI Service and Power BI Desptop.  

2. SQL Server SSAS Tabular Model does not fully respect disabling the relationship.



Microsoft Employee

@v-lili6-msft - I actually did see in my data what would be causing a (Blank) in my slicer. It may be a separate issue, but I will continue to monitor this, but it seems not all tables that were set to refresh actually refreshed when I clicked "Refresh All". I do have the report set to refresh all tables when I click "Refresh All". I had to refresh the report again in order to get proper responses within the table relationships.


Still, the issue remains that I didn't see the problem until after I had already published the report because in Desktop there was no indication of a (Blank) value while it did show up in the published version. This is the issue that needs to be investigated.

Community Support


On my side, I couldn't reproduce the problem, maybe my sample pbix file is too simple.

I would suggest you submit a support ticket to get further help.





Helper II

Hi @jeycee32,
Did you get a solution for this problem? As I am facing the same problem as if now.