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Publish to Web Reliability Under 20% when .pbix > 1024MB

I am uploading a dataset to a premium workspace, reliable upload speed, updated PBI desktop and up to date OS etc.


Whilst the dataset was below 1024MB, publishing to web has been 100% reliable, I knew with certainty that publishing will complete successfully.


After the dataset reached 1025MB+ reliability of publishing plummets and 80% of the time I see the following error:


Couldn't publish to Power BI

An error occurred while attempting to publish '#####.pbix':

Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed.


I am watching the ethernet throughput and upload is pegged at the max for my connection speed until after this error is seen.


Reducing dataset size is not possible.


So, what is happening between 1023MB and 1025MB? How can I get this .pbix to upload reliably?

Status: Delivered

Kindly see the comments above.

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @GaryWalton ,


As far as I know, the success of publishing to the web is independent of the dataset size.
Have you tried republishing the report in Power BI Desktop to the Premium workspace and then to the web?
Do you have enough premium capacity assigned to your premium workspace?
It is recommended that you check the following known limits to see if they exist in your reports.


  • Reports using row-level security.
  • Reports using any Live Connection data source, including Analysis Services Tabular hosted on-premises, Analysis Services Multidimensional, and Azure Analysis Services.
  • Reports using a shared dataset that is stored in a different workspace from the report.
  • Shared and certified datasets.
  • Reports shared to you directly or through an app.
  • Reports in a workspace in which you aren't an edit member.
  • "R" and Python visuals aren't currently supported in Publish to web reports.
  • Exporting data from visuals in a report that has been published to the web.
  • Q&A for Power BI visuals.
  • Reports containing report-level DAX measures.
  • Single sign-on data query models, including composite models on Power BI datasets or Azure Analysis Services.
  • Secure confidential or proprietary information.
  • The automatic authentication capability provided with the Embed option doesn't work with the Power BI JavaScript API. For the Power BI JavaScript API, use the user owns data approach to embedding.
  • Admins can block public internet access, as described in Private links for accessing Power BI. In that case, the Publish to Web option is grayed out for your tenant in the Power BI admin portal.

For more you can refer to:Publish to web from Power BI 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered

Kindly see the comments above.