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PowerBI Report page blank unless I reset to default

Last week the report was working fine, now I have to hit reset to default to get it to appear, otherwise the entire report page is blank.

Status: Accepted
Advocate I

Hi all,  Looks like the fix has been deployed.

I am not seeing the issue any more.   Thanks!


Advocate III

@SudeepB It's FINALLY working for us too.  Hopefully Microsoft will tell us what the root cause of this issue was.  We deserve that much!!

Regular Visitor

Working again for us too!

Advocate II

confirmed this is working again

Helper I

Yeay!! it work for me as well.

Regular Visitor

This issue took more than a week to get resolved and affected quite a lot of our reports and users (though at least it had a work around). In addition we had 3 outages in the past 48 days  which seem to have affected all Northern Europe tenants. This resulted in about 27 hours of downtime for our Power BI reports which is nearly 2.5% of the total time ... this is a far cry from the promised 99.9% availability. I don't think this is acceptable and Microsoft should address this. 

Therefore I have created a 'new idea' to request a reliable and resilient Power BI service. Please vote for it! 

Regular Visitor

Agree with @harmve microsoft should address this.

I was showing a demo powerBI report to a few clients when this issue occured and was unaware of the "reset to default" work around. Pretty embarrassing.

Frequent Visitor

Not working for us, it has been happening when users go to drill through report and the report shows blank (even if data exists) unless reset to default is clicked. At the same time, if other users try to reproduce the scenario, it works fine for them. So it is very sporadic. 

Regular Visitor

i am also experiencing the same issue.