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PowerApp with DirectQuery Mode. Need to be able to have correct functionality when Added in Desktop

Im starting to use the new PowerApps with a direct connection to immesately update a table.

the instructions are to only do this in Edit Mode in power BI Service


I always do my reports in desktop and after the PowerAll I have lots more updates, report pages and bug fixes to do.

If I add in Service it works, I add a customer and it immediately appears in the table next to it Ive created. Click Save.


Go back to my pbix file to continue with the project and obviously the PowerApp visual isnt there.


I do an udate and Publish and go and look and of course, the PowerApp visual has gone. 


It seems like the only viable way to do this is if you have completely finished working with the reports in desktop and wont touch them again.


For me, this just isnt an option, I also like the structure of Creating reports in desk top and keeping everything in this file. 


I then tried adding the PowerApp visual in desktop, Publishing it to Service and trying again.


It works but you HAVE to click refresh as well as the button in the powerApp to update.


Basically we really need to be able to add the powerApp in Desktop, publish to Server, Do what ever the Power App does, and see the Change immediately without having click Refresh.

Status: New
Community Support

@DebbieE ,


This should be an issue with power app visual. I would suggest you create a support ticket here.



Jimmy Tao