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Power BI scheduled refresh stopped refreshing without errors

Hi there! 


I got an unwelcome surprise this morning when my scheduled refresh suddenly stopped working. I made no change to the report file and no changes to the refresh schedule and PowerBI service shows no errors whatsoever.


The refresh schedule speaks volumes:


It says my "next refresh" is in the past (you can see its the past because of the successful refreshes under it). I have never experienced this in my Power BI career, and without any error messages it is completely invisible. What could be going wrong here?





Status: Delivered

Hi @jaap_olsthoorn 

This is a very strange phenomenon indeed. In any case, it's normal now. No need to delete the previous dataset to use it properly, thankfully .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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Thanks @jaap_olsthoorn  this issue has reappeared for me again, so will raise it as a new issue. Fingers crossed!

Advocate V

Exact issue happened to me today. Business critical report has been out of date for 3 days without any errors, "next refresh" date on the dataset is in the past... this is very concerning. Anyone found a root cause yet?