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Power BI not loading reports

Is anyone else having issues with power BI reports not loading? If I go to the webservice, I just get the 'Almost Done' message and it looks like the report is loading but it never does. 

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Yes.  Same major issues

New Member

Same - nothing working

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Same here. And I can't get reports to refresh either. Which I guess doesn't matter at the moment since you can't see the darn things (lol). But that is a big issue as well. (Kentucky - North Central US (Illinois) tenant)

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Chattanooga, TN same issues

Frequent Visitor

This is also happening here. The only report that appears to be loading is one that is connected to an on-premises SSAS cube. The rest of them have the almost done loop. Dataset refreshes are also failing. I put in a support ticket with Microsoft. Hopefully it is resolved soon.

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Same here. All Reports just spin with "Almost Done..." East US.

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Same issue, north/west Europe. Issue seems to occur after a refresh that failed. Some reports bases on dataset that did not refresh last couple of hours dont have this problem.

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Same here in Cleveland, OH USA

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Dallas, TX  - same issue.  Not able to access dashboards/reports from workspace or app.  This is a problem!

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Sao Paulo, Brazil