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Power BI maps bug when too many places are displayed

Hello, I'm playing with MaxMind database worldcitiespop, a database that has a record for all cities in the world.

I know, more than 3M eneteries is too much, but the problem seems happening just with a few thousands.


I have no problem listing more than 4000 cities for New Zealand or Switzerland:



New ZealandNew ZealandSwitzerlandSwitzerland










































Problem starts with Australia, 20,000: location are all listed down a certain parallel:















France 60,000: same problem













And so on with, Italy, United States, Spain, Mexico or whatever. After a certina limit of pins the map just cannot hold it.

I found the same problem with ALL Custom Visual maps except for GIS.





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You can test it with the same MaxMind database if you import it to SQL Server
Microsoft Employee

I cannot repro the same issue with latest June 2017 version of Power BI Desktop. Please refer to my screenshots below.

If issue persists on your side, could you please share your PBIX file to me through online file service like OneDrive?


Power BI maps bug when too many places are displayed_1.jpgPower BI maps bug when too many places are displayed_2.jpg

And we suggest to use DataCategory and geo-hierarchies in Power BI with following details.
1. Customer should use a geo-hierarchy to help with geocoding, introducing at least a Country column. Then drill down from Country to Province using the "fork" drill icon (expand all down in the hierarchy) to preserve the full hierarchy. 


2. Customer should also use the Data Category. Click the modeling icon at left, select the column (e.g. Province), and using the Data Category drop-down choose "State or Province". Same with country column, but choose "Country / Region".


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Hello, here is the file; I was using Latitude and Longitude on Power BI for Geocoding so no street, zip code or country
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Here is another database that makes Power BI crazy: