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Power BI dataset refresh is failing without details - works fine using Desktop

I have two primary data sources in my reports - Salesforce and Workday which is via the built-in PowerBI CSV importer.


When I setup the PowerBI automatic refresh (in the web app), or via a manual refresh in the web app, all the reports fail to refresh and without any details.


In Desktop all the reports refresh all the time without issue.  (1) How do I get details of WHY things are failing? (2) Why does this work in Desktop and not after published/refreshing on


Here is the latest example.



Message:The command has been canceled. Table: PowerBI: Projects(Non-Billable) w Financ.
Activity ID:c6d527e2-16a6-425b-8fd8-d83cdc7bc5af
Request ID:53f46564-797e-f825-02e9-b6870e0ac739
Time:2017-11-13 18:27:26Z
Status: Needs Info
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We have been seeing automatic refreshes fail since last Thursday. Different errors each time, but many are like yours, ex:


          The command has been canceled. Table: Business Type.


Each time the refresh fails in this manner, the table referenced is different, so it is not one table causing the refresh to fail. Also, the model had not been modified and had refreshed just fine in the days prior. We are sourcing from Salesforce and Sharepoint.


Sometimes the error is nondescript, like below:



MSFT, please help!

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I'm getting the same issue since few days. please help




It seemst that you have two data sources in your report. How about the result if you just get data from one of these two data srouces (either from Salsforce or Workday) and refresh in PBI Service?


Best Regards,

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Status changed to: Needs Info
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Hi Herbert/Vicky,


If you think it may be a data source issue I would guess Salesforce since that is what we have in common.


@rhuguet are you using Salesforce as a data source in your model as well?

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No, I dont have salesForce. I'm refreshing from csv files stored in Office365/Sharepoint online.

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@v-haibl-msft-- how can I only request the non-SFDC refresh without creating a new report and deploying it for test purposes?


Let me go back to my initial Q to MS -- please give me details behind the non-descript, useless error that you provide. Please see my first post with the act ID and req ID which I (hope) you can pull more detailed logs on which could expose what is happening and why this is failing. Thanks.

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I had the same error since few days but finally I figured it out only when getting back to refresh the dataset from the Desktop:
In PBI Desktop I get a more significant error message and in my case it was a problem of a column key value (used in the one–side of a table relationship) that wasn’t unique (in the data recently added to my source).


So the issue in my opinion is that the message returned when refreshing in the PBI Service is generic and does not reveal the exact error.
I even had in my case (for this same problem of duplicate key in my dataset) different messages when I retryed the refresh multiple times without making any changes, such as:
 “Error Code = 0xC1000012, External Code = 0x00000000, Note: Table:mytable
  or “The command has been canceled. Table: mytable
  or “Error Code = 0xC1000012, External Code = 0x00000000, Note: The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed. Table: mytable”.


I think we may all have the same error message in return when refreshing in the service but in reality we could have different problems in our datasets.


So I suggest you to recheck refreshing the dataset from PBI Desktop to get a more detailed error message.


Hope this could be helpful for you,

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Thanks. FWIW, all the refreshes work fine in Desktop. It is only in the web app that mine fail.

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Hi @digipics,


There are also some limits that could be encountered in PBI service only such as ‘Uncompressed data limits for refresh’...


Check this link for more details: