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Power BI Template not saving all properties

I have noticed today (June 2023 version) that some measures, relationships and sort by columns are not being saved to the PBIT file.  I have tried several times and ased a colleague to do the same and we get the same results.

Status: Accepted

Hi @all,


We have seen on the internal platform that other engineers have reported this issue and submitted it.
The engineers on the product team are now aware and will do their best to resolve the issue.


This issue has been addressed and will be available in the next release of Desktop. No clearly ETA for now.

I will update here if there is any progress, so please be patient.


Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

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Many thanks for the feedback @v-xiaoyan-msft 

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Any update on the status please @v-xiaoyan-msft ?





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@v-xiaoyan-msft I'm also facing this issue on version 2.119.986.0 (July 2023)

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I have a similar problem. When saving my report as a .pbit-file and ask my colleague to open the file, at least the following are changed:

- All relations are gone

- Hidden columns are unhidden

- Surrogate keys (columns) are formated as a sum

... and probably other stuff.


I assume this relates to this issue.


@v-xiaoyan-msft any news on this?

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unfortunately we have the same or similar problem: A customer of mine has a template - we think it is from mid 2023. Unfortunately we are not able to use that template any more, because we always receive errors when opening it and try to refresh data. First problem is the "measure-Table" - because there is no column, PBI is not able to load the table. I already edited the PBIX DateModelSchema-File to delete the transformation "delete column" in the M-script. The measure table is loaded - but now all calculated columns are missing. So I think that is exactly the problem which is state here. Has anyone a solution for us? Because we need the version which we only have as a template file....