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Power BI Sort by Column Bug - Files that were previously sorted by a column are losing its setting


Every file that I am opening that has a column sorted by another eg. "Month name" sorted by "Month number" is losing its setting.
I noticed after publishing a report that had a chart sorted by month names, that was working fine before.

The fix is simple, just go and sort by the desired column again, but you have to do it for every file and column you have.
After that I guess it stays, so probably it was some change on how it works in the newer versions of Power BI Desktop.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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I tried the latest version (2.88.1144.0) and it seems to work fine for me.

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@v-chuncz-msft yes, I tried on that one too.


Did you have a report that was originally sorted by another column, than opened it in this version and it kept the setting? 

Because if you just do it again it will work...

It will work if you sort by column.

The problem is that it loses the setting and if you are not paying attention to this detail you will publish a report that was working with a wrong sort order.



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We are facing the same issue in our company with some users, not all users.

So, maybe it is some issue with version or language.

All fields lost sorting on my dataset.

On my case, it is impossible to set all again because the file has more than 500 fields. So, I solve it by restoring a backup.




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We have the same problem - even with the latest version (2.88.1385.0).

When a report created with a previous version is opened and updated with the current version, the column sorting is discarded and set to default. In the picture below you can see the setting after opening the report and then again after updating.

PowerBI-Bug-Sort by Column.jpg

Also the filter based on the same field as in the picture above changes after the data update is done.

PowerBI-Bug-Sort by Column.gif

We solved this the long way by setting all «sort by colum» in every report again.

But it would be very nice, if this could be fixed in a later version. 

Best regards,

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I opened a Ticket because I have more than 100 reports and some sorting are not as obvious as a month in a Calendar Table so it is a potential risk of deploying a falty report at any time without even noticing it.

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Is there any feedback related to this issue?




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Hi @Anonymous !

I opened a Ticket via formal support.

I had a Team Meeting last week with a Microsoft Specialist and shared my screen to show in real time the problem happening. They acknowledged it and asked for a sample file.

I provided a sample file and I'm waiting for their feedback.
I hope they fix it in the next Power BI Desktop release in a few days.


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@zapppsr  Thank you! 🙂

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Same issue here. It appears again and again in even in the same report - since months (yes, I do always have the most recent PBI Desktop version). Can this have to do with different editors working on the PBIX locally using e.g. different language / format settings on their local PC? Or might this have to do with the use of Tabluar Editor as external tool in combination?

@Microsoft: Anyhow it's more than annoying and REALLY needs to be fixed!

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HI @schuffa 

WE have a temporary solution disabling:
 "Using DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services"
This is preview.

See more here.