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Power BI Service - extremely slow and publishing often also gets stuck

Our company is trying to adopt PowerBI and we went live 2 weeks ago with a series of reports for these 190+ users. As a developer, i am also pushing other business groups in our company to start using Power BI.


Unfortunately performance is extremely bad, especially today (even now).  This was highly unfortunate when you are giving a training to 40 people. This did not make a good impression at all, unfortunately. 'yeah, normally its very fast! really!'


No difference in region (US, APAC, EU) or device (mobile, desktop) 

see also:


What do i see?

- Loading signs at virtually all visuals. Even at static text fields!

- Reports by users of non working / non loaded bookmarks (in service > view > bookmarks > empty! Sometimes after closing and reopening the app it does work, but not always)

- Publishing can be very slow. 

- Response to filters / cross filters is sometimes evenslower than manually building a filtered chart on excel data in between. (i kid you not)


Sometimes, out of the blue, no issues for an hour or so.  But especially today and last week thursday it was very bad.

By the way; nothing wrong with my connection. i draw 200/200 mbit.



What is going on?pic1.jpgpic2.jpg

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Resolver I

Also this evening - 23:34 CET - extremely slow.

Loading signs even when reports are only containing a single value in a single table.


Publishing reports is impossible.


This not workable...

Regular Visitor

same here, publishing, downloading, loading report is extremely slow.

Not many user login maybe less than 10


Community Support

Hi all, 


Currently, there is some issue in cluster WABI-US-NORTH-CENTRAL. Please test again on your Power BI service.


If the issue persists, would you please share your Power BI cluster location?






Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Regular Visitor

I am using singapore (south east asia).

The report loading now is okay.

Downloading PBIX still have an issue, havent managed to download any pbix ..



Resolver I
Your data is stored inNorth Europe (Ireland)
Resolver I

Issue is still occuring. Much more frequent this time.

Not even able to publish from desktop super-small pbix files to newly created workspaces.


See below fiddler snippet, as recorded when opening a report that did not load at all.

Note : this also happens on super small reports with only 10 rows of data


Right now all my reports are unable to be viewed, and i cannot republish anything.  People are complaining alot. No idea how to solve...




New Member

I am having the same issues.  Scheduled refreshes are failing and, at times, it is taking 30+ seconds to load dashboards or reports.  Power BI is virtually unusable for my company.  My data is stored in East US 2 (Virginia.  Help!

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Take forever to publish 380K report, even cancelling the publish. Any comments from Power BI technical?



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Any solution?

We get timers on all of our reports every 5 minutes.

In the morning everything works fine, in the afternoon 15h00 GMT +1, the problems start..


Helper II

@Goofr  i have the same issue. so annoying. its like "You are not allowed to use powerbi after 3pm"