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Power BI Service defaults to selecting an element when new report page is loaded (Black rectangle)

Today noticed that when a new report page is loaded, an element (always the same) is selected by default. This selected element is marked by a black rectangle around the element. Using <tab> let's you cycle through the elements. 
The black rectangle is visually disturbing. Once you click on the report the selection vanishes. 
Tested with reports in different tenants, also verified by another user on a different computer. Both used Chrome browsers.

Status: Accepted

Hi @Pentti ,


Your issue has been submitted to ICM , the ID is  347527225 . I'll be back with an update if there's any progress .


Best regards,

Community Support Team Selina zhu


Frequent Visitor

This is happening yo my reports on the Power BI service too. The black tab that you've descibed also seems to go through all of the page titles for my report too. very strange.

New Member

BI gives me Error message:

MdxScript(Model) (9, 43) Calculation error in measure'Prodution Time'[OEE Performance]: Cannot convert value"of type Text to Type Numeric


Could anyone assist please, Thank you

Community Support
Status changed to: Needs Info

Hi @Pentti ,


I don't quite understand what you are talking about. In my test, I open the report in service and everything is fine.
Do you have a detailed screenshot or video recording of how the problem occurred? If it is convenient, can you share it without exposing private data? This can better help me to do the problem replication.


Best regards,

Community Support Team Selina zhu

Frequent Visitor

I am also seeing this, when opening a page it seems to rimage0.jpegandomly select an item (almost like the last one that was added) and puts an ugly black frame around it.  Clicking away takes it off but it never used to do this before. 


 Something must have changed on the service recently



Regular Visitor

Here is a recording where a single element is selected when I choose a page. Clicking somewhere in the page deselects the element.

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This is an old chain but I am seeing the behavior as of this week.  Anyone else?


Edit: Fixed by updating our On-Premise Gateway to the latest version.


Edit Again:  Well, I thought I fixed it by updating the gateway but I guess not as the issue popped back up.  Hoping that Microsoft can fix this ASAP!

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I am also facing the same issue. The creepy border is appearing around the visuals

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Hi everyone,

I have the same problem. It seems like a bug from a last Powerbi upgrade.

Does someone find a solution??


Thank you 

Advocate IV

same here.

Advocate IV

I think it has something to do with the tab order.

The visual on top of the tab order list gets selected, and therefore it has a highlighted border.

If you set all the elements in the tab order list invisible, the layout is as expected.