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Power BI Service Reports - Visuals not loading until web page is refreshed

Over the past couple of days a number of our users are experience issues where a Power BI reprot in a published app is not loading visuals until the web browser is refreshed.

These are reports which have been used daily for months with no loading issues until this week.

Status: Delivered

Hi , @Anonymous 

Now that the problem is solved, I will modify the status to Delivered .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Frequent Visitor

Not for us. Steps to repeat blank screen:

  1. Open app with multiple reports - report page displays
  2. Click on another report in the app - report page displays
  3. Click on any other report, even the original one - blank page
  4. Click on any page of any report in the app - blank page
  5. Refresh browser window - report page displays, start over at step 1.



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@shadow9600 -- agreed, this is the behavior I went over with support and we made a trace of for them to investigate. 


@v-yetao1-msft -- will do on posting an update after I hear back from support again.

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Same issue as reported and shown in the screenshot above.  Hoping for a quick resolution/explanation!

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Same issue here when we walk through the five steps explained by shadow9600. 
Hoping for a quick resolution.

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Same as above steps: The below error throws in the devtools console when you click from the first report to the second:


Then any further report clicks loads a blank page, untill you refresh your browser


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@shadow9600  - Can confirm the issue is reporducable with our tenant using the same steps you documented.

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Good day.
I also have the same problem, I must update the page (f5) to show the report in power bi.



Thank you if you post the solution.

Frequent Visitor

Same problem for us. Doesn't matter which app in our organization we open, all behave the same. 


All apps have multiple Reports linked inside. It always happens when i switch from one "Section" / Report to another Section / "Report"


My users are going nuts currently about this. Hope there is a quick fix fast. Thanks

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We are having the same issue, both in a published app and in the workspace. Every 3rd report clicked returns a blank page until you refresh.

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@v-yetao1-msft Same issue for us. All published reports are BLANK until a broswer refresh.