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Power BI Desktop - intermittent bug - measures disappearing

We have many "report .pbix" files that are reports with a live, "Power BI datasets" connection to a common dataset. In some of these reports, we have created what I'd call "additional measures." That is, these measures were created in the "report .pbix" only, and the measures don't exist in the dataset to which it has a live connection.


Since several days ago, approximately, many of our users (and I) have experienced the follwing issue...


Sometimes when we open the report .pbix in Power BI Desktop, some visuals are broken because the "additional measures" seem to be missing. The visual says: "Something's wrong with one or more fields" or "Something's wrong with one or more filters." And when we click "See details," the pop-up says: "Can't display this visual. This visual contains one or more filters with deleted columns, type mismatches, or other breaking model changes." Or the pop-up says: "Fields that need to be fixed / Something's wrong with one more more fields: MeasureA, MeasureB."


And when I look in the "home table" where the measures should reside, they are not there anymore! This only seems to happen with "additional measures" that are created in the "report .pbix," which is connected live to a published dataset. (We have not experienced this issue with measures that exist in the dataset.)


And it happens only intermittently -- sometimes, seemingly at random. For a given file, sometimes it happens when I open it in Power BI Desktop, sometimes it doesn't. When this issue occurs, I can close Power BI Desktop (without saving any changes); then re-open the exact same file, and everything is fine -- the visual has no errors, and the "additional measures" appear in the expected home tables.


As a test, I just closed and re-opened one such file 10 times, without doing anything else on my computer in between, and this issue occurred 5 out of the 10 times.


I am using Release: December 2020 / Product Version: 2.88.802.0 (20.12) (x64) ... this may only happen with the December release of Power BI Desktop. Haven't tested with older versions.

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I have the exact same problem - the measure disappears from the home table when the pbix is uploaded to the service, and the visuals that use it break. 


Refreshing is not an option - the data sets are large, and use comlpex SQL - incremental refresh using SQL that can filter by date (the more complex SQL can of course but still makes the server go through everything before filtering) is not yet implemented. 


I get the following error, using the laterst builf of PBI as off May 2023. 


Activity ID: 6073af8b-332a-401f-9118-6d9afe95df7c
Request ID: 8cbcb699-8666-8840-02e0-cb941a2acc9b
Correlation ID: 4b151b8b-3d78-7154-ded4-9ad319d8c2d8
Time: Fri May 26 2023 23:51:38 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)
Service version: 13.0.20726.75
Client version: 2305.3.14047-train
Cluster URI: