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Power BI Desktop freezes 10 times a day

Hi all,


I'll try to explain the issue I'm having. 

Power BI runs fine, until a random moment. Perhapse I change something in a visual or a measure, but then all my visuals start to refresh and in 90% of the time they don't recover at all and Power BI simply freezes. Sometimes I even have to do a hard reboot. The changes I'm making are very small.


I sometimes I have the idea it has something to do with IntelliSense and/or Microsoft Edge Webview2. Yesterday I was typing a DAX syntax and by pressing tab, it took the suggested function. Every single time I did this, Power BI desktop frooze. Also, sometimes it generates multiple Webview2 processen (screenshot). 


It's pretty much impossible to work at the moment. Using the most recent PBI December 2021 desktop update.

Is there a fix for this?


Status: Accepted

Hi All,

According to my research, a similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned. ICM: 279388210


In the latest update of this ICM, the engineers have found the issue is related to the WebView2 browser crashing and are working to find the root cause of this issue.


I will update here once I get any information.


But if you want to get a solution for this kind of desktop problem based on your specific situation as soon as possible, I suggest you to open a support ticket to get the direct help from the technical support team of Microsoft.


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Frequent Visitor

I have had the freezing issue bad for months before this update, but it seemingly is fixed.
I’m not sure if I have done exactly what you said here so I thought I would try it.

I opened my report pbix file that is connected to the dataset on the BI service
I opened my model pbix file and re-published to the workspace which is resides
I went to that service and refreshed the dataset (took some time, as it does on occasion)
I waited for the above step to complete and refreshed the report pbix in the desktop app

No issues for me.

I have had 4 freezes since the update. Down from what would have been at least 40+ in the same period before the update. I can’t pinpoint what cause any freezing as it’s so seldom now.

I know this most likely does not help much but I thought I would share as you were wondering if this exact issue was happening to others


Advocate II

Thanks for trying my scenario! I guess that doesnt go wrong for everyone then, how annoying 😞

It's definitely a lot less for me too, but it still happens. But now I really don't know why it happens for me, but not for you...

Frequent Visitor

For me this is still an issue:



I am working with latest build. It might be happening less in last build but it is still an issue. 


Impactful Individual

@synMo this is not the same issue. You clearly get a 'OutOfMemory' message.

Frequent Visitor

@PVO3 I see. So this is a new issue? Or do you think I need more than 16GB Ram to actually work without issues?

Advocate II

@synMo Generally this means that one of your measures or calculated columns is performing a calculation that is too difficult. More memory can help if your data model is very large, but in general it is usually the data model efficiency + the calculation that you are doing that is causing out of memory issues, at least in my experience it is.

Frequent Visitor

@jaap_olsthoorn It is the same report which sometimes load without issues and sometimes it is not loading anymore. Everytime I get an error with "WebView2" hint which was the original issue in this thread so I thought it might have something to do with the issue regarding the Edve WebView2... But maybe my measures are to expensive.

Power BI Team

@synMo does the error simply happen when you open your file? Sorry if you already mentioned this (I'm on mobile at the moment, and it's a bit hard to navigate this thread 🙂) but is it an import model? If you'd be willing to share the pbix file with me via private message we can investigate and hopefully get your issue fixed.

Helper II

This is still an issue with April2022 version, I have to leave the task manager open all day so I can constantly exit Power BI. I did see a workaround hopefully on another issue to uncheck the infrastructure preview feature that is related to webview. Fingers crossed it works after months of frustration.

Responsive Resident

This happened to me this week again. 

I was deploying my report from Dev into Test and I was checking things as I was working to a tight deadline. Everything froze when I had my thick report open and refreshed from the Live environment I connected to, and I was refreshing my thin reports to see that the data was coming into them and they were working. 

I have not done this again as it lost me time and the adjustment I had made to visuals, as the new data came into the thin reports. This is now adding time to my dev work as I cant afford to have frezees and lose work so I have not had more than one report open at a time, so I cant comment is this happens more often, just wanted to add a coment back in as this is still an issue for some people still.