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Power BI Desktop freezes 10 times a day

Hi all,


I'll try to explain the issue I'm having. 

Power BI runs fine, until a random moment. Perhapse I change something in a visual or a measure, but then all my visuals start to refresh and in 90% of the time they don't recover at all and Power BI simply freezes. Sometimes I even have to do a hard reboot. The changes I'm making are very small.


I sometimes I have the idea it has something to do with IntelliSense and/or Microsoft Edge Webview2. Yesterday I was typing a DAX syntax and by pressing tab, it took the suggested function. Every single time I did this, Power BI desktop frooze. Also, sometimes it generates multiple Webview2 processen (screenshot). 


It's pretty much impossible to work at the moment. Using the most recent PBI December 2021 desktop update.

Is there a fix for this?


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Hi All,

According to my research, a similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned. ICM: 279388210


In the latest update of this ICM, the engineers have found the issue is related to the WebView2 browser crashing and are working to find the root cause of this issue.


I will update here once I get any information.


But if you want to get a solution for this kind of desktop problem based on your specific situation as soon as possible, I suggest you to open a support ticket to get the direct help from the technical support team of Microsoft.


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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Same issue here, for me it happens when the report is connected live to a PBI service dataset

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Try unchecking the below option and see if the freezing issue stops



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Thanks @Anonymous I did try this as suggested by somebody else, and it is better. I haven't had as many lockups, but Power BI still often has this weird pause where I think it's locking up and after maybe ten seconds it comes back. So, yes it seems better, but still a little odd behavior.


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February 2, 2022 and this is still a problem.

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Have there been any updates or any insight on when ICM: 279388210 may get released? This issue is still occurring daily and the workarounds provided are not helping. These issues are occurring companywide. 

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Having this issue as well. It is extremely frustrating and a productivity killer. Freezing on me every hour.  On a side note, it is quite unbelievable how unstable the product is at the moment. Doing something so simple like deleting a newly created measure can either be instant or freeze up the entire file for 5+ minutes. Sometimes just trying to drag the file from one monitor to another is a painful experience. 

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Microsoft support:


To work around this issue for now, you can go to File->Options and Settings -> Options -> Preview Features and disable the "Power BI Desktop Infrastructure Update" feature switch. That should stop using WebView2. Or if you cannot start the desktop to get to the Preview feature switches, you can set the following Environment variable to disable WebView2 Environment Variable : "PBI_enableWebView2Preview" Value: "0"

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They told me that too, but it doesnt help. Files still freeze 5 times a day. 

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@PVO3 I tried that various times but nothing really changes. Still freezes around 3/4 times a day

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Hello Everyone,

Apologies that you are all running into this problem. We switched to WebView2 for hosting the browser inside power bi desktop we are noticing that some customers are running into issues with launching desktop or with crashes related to WebView2. Crashes are due to multiple reasons. (Anti-virus software blocking the browser, out of memory issues, and some other problems). Sadly we need to handle these on a case to case basis as the cause mostly might be machine dependent. 
Can you please reach out to me at with the following logs : Resolve issues when starting Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

It would help to figure out what is causing these problems.