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Power BI Desktop WebView2 Out Of Memory

Power BI is experiencing a problem with WebView2 running Out of memory. We have identified some of the top causes of this and have the details below. If that does not address your Out of memory problem, contact us at


Out of Memory cause: 

Custom visuals causing memory leak - If you are using any custom visuals and are running into Out of Memory crahses, please try removing the custom visuals to check if it resolves the issue. If it does, please reach out with the visual which was cauing the memory leak so we can address it. 

If you are not using any custom visuals and are still running into this, it could be due to having a lot of report pages and visuals per page. This causes the browser heap memory to exceed the 4GB limit and crash. This is sadly a limitation of chromium. 

Possible workaround 

Status: Delivered

Hi all,


We've noticed your problem, most of this issue is related to report design, you can follow the advice given by the OP to troubleshoot; if the problem persists, you need to collect logs for further investigation.

Since community support engineers don't have that access, I would suggest opening a Support Ticket. If you are a Power BI Pro or Fabric licensee, you can create a support ticket for free and a dedicated Microsoft engineer will come to solve the problem for you. 
It would be great if you continue to share in this issue to help others with similar problems after you know the root cause or solution.


The link of Power BI Support: Support | Microsoft Power BI

For how to create a support ticket, please refer to How to create a support ticket in Power BI - Microsoft Power BI Community


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

New Member

Same problem with viusal Tracer from Proving Ground.

Helper I

Having the same issue right now

Advocate I

Hi @el-bachaohaql 
I'm using this version of PBI.
We had an issue with our internal custom visual, removed it from Organizational visuals and suddenly all worked.
That happened 2 months ago.

Never proved since MS support is not really cooperative in troubleshooting - but guess was they have general issues with custom visuals and advice would be if possible to avoid custom visuals - one day is working next day all crashes. 
We are now using only Zebra visuals which never had same issue - works perfectly. 


When issue was happening constantly , memory was going crazy - up to 16GB for just opening pbix file.
Now seems stable on our side, but we are not sure it won't happen again. 


If I could be of any further help, just let me know.
Good luck.

Frequent Visitor

Hi All,
Having this issue using Zebra BI visuais (6.3), Power BI Destkop keep crashing everytime until delete them

New Member

My application keep crashing whenever I try to create/edit a new/existing column or measure. And it keeps directing me to this page. I have not installed any custom visuals. And my old installation of PowerBI desktop still works fine. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Regular Visitor

It's been a year since I posted on this topic so thought I'd follow up.

I am stilling building and maintaining visual dashboards in Bi which I link to our BIM 360 dashboards in Autodesk.  I went through all the recommendations provided on the peope's posts.  But perhaps most importantly for me - 

I diligently kept updating Bi (hoping their was a "secret" fix in an update). I ma currently on version: 2.119.986.0 64-bit (July 2023), running on the latest Win10 version, same system with 64Gb and a NVidia Quadro P3200 for the past 3 years.

I got much more picky about where I load and allow the system to send update / temp files and I clear those out almost weekly.

I also moved all of my Adobe platforms to my D-drive and do not let that load to the default C: drive.

I update my @ProvingGround Tracer visuals for Revit as often as they are released.  I am using both the 3D and 2D visuals for Tracer inside Bi, reading from the SQL3 Lite backend database exported from Revit. I am much more selective with my exports as well from Revit and often will build additonal tables separately, reducing the "gunk" that can often be exported from platforms like Revit.


With all of these steps taken - I am not seeing the crashing I was seeing in the past.  This is a very good thing as the number of client dashboard requests is an evergrowing enviro.


Hope all are starting to see similar successes! Thanks for all the shared info!

Advocate II

This has crashed the Power BI Desktop app for me 3x today. 

Frequent Visitor

Hit this today (9/5/23) on the latest version (2.120.731.0 64-bit (August 2023)). My machine has 512GB of RAM running at about 20% utilization, so Out of Memory errors are clearly misplaced. 

New Member


I'm facing this issue when I try to use a pbi report made by me containing Smart Filter Pro visualisation by OKVIZ, how can I solve? It's very important for me because my thesis is based on that report


Frequent Visitor

Even though this is tagged as a custom visual problem and the post directs the issue to custom visuals, I am routinely crashing with the WebView2 error using only Microsoft vanilla visuals in the September release of Power BI Desktop.  When I hear my fan amp up unnecessarily then that's a good indicator that WebView2 is about to crash.  


In my experience when you make a change to software that causes this much trouble, like switching to WebView2, then you roll back.