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Power BI Desktop WebView2 Out Of Memory

Power BI is experiencing a problem with WebView2 running Out of memory. We have identified some of the top causes of this and have the details below. If that does not address your Out of memory problem, we need your help to understand and fix this issue. If you are willing to help out, please reply on this thread or contact us at


Out of Memory cause: 

We recently migrated desktop to Webview2 from CefSharp and started seeing a lot of Out of Memory exceptions. We found one of the causes being custom visuals on the report. One of the major culprits is the “Smart Filter” custom visual by OKViz.  This visuals has some heavy rendering code. There was a regression in Chromium which makes this problem worse. Having just one of this visual on the page for a column with 12k values, takes ~1400 mb and almost 60 sec to load


For desktop, Cef version as of now is 89 which does not have this regression. Thus it does not reproduce in desktop with CefSharp. It can be reproduced in Edge and in Chrome. Webview2 is based on the latest chrome version and current chrome browser version is 99 both of which have this regression.

Chrome has the fix for this :


We verified on the Chrome canary channel that we do not run into this issue. For Webview2, this will be picked up in the Edge release 101 which is scheduled for last week of April.

Possible workarounds till the fix rolls out to Chrome and Edge are

  • not use these visuals
  • limit the number of items in them
  • Use Mozilla Firefox for service (Mozilla is not based on chromium) and turn off WebView2 in desktop.
Status: Accepted

Hi @rahulshevde ,


Thanks for your sharing about checking WebView2 issue in Power BI Desktop, it would help others who may have the same issue on the commnunity.


If anyone wants to help on this issue, you can contact the above e-mail or reply to this post.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

Helper I

I'm also getting this error when trying to create a new column. Granted, the DAX formula is a bit long and complex, but I've done longer and more complex before without issue. 



Advocate II

I am experiencing this error crashing my file 5+ times a day. Only 3rd party visual visible on the page is Text Filter by Microsoft. Any solutions for this other than reducing the number of elements on the page?


Selecting or unselecting the web page connector infrastructure update option does not seem to affect the frequency of crashes.



Resolver I

About once a week WebView crashes. I have a fairly big model but with Windows 10, 24GB RAM, i7 CPU and fast SSD, it isn't my machine. Today installed latest version of Desktop and it crashes again. No other software crashes. Sometimes it tries to crash gracefully with an error message, sometimes just shuts down without warning.


Now need to spend time re-doing my work.


Desktop used to be relatively stable. Now it crashes frequently. As someone who earns a living from being a Power BI Developer, it has a big impact upon my work.


Some of my clients have also mentioned it crashing, too.


An urgent review by a senior member of the Power BI Development Team is needed please. This is not trivial.

Frequent Visitor

This report has crashed the last 5 times I tried to refresh the data. I've gotten a variety of error messages, but the most recent sent me here.  I also received an error about an external issue and an error message about running out of memory.

This report is running off of spreadsheets on share point and data from Azure.



Frequent Visitor

Trying to upload a json file to the custom map for power bi shape map and it crashes with this error.

Anyone who has a workaround for this issue?

Regular Visitor

This is ridiculous. Microsoft needs to fix this. No custom visuals in my report and I've been shut down three times today because of Webview2. 

Helper I

Just got shut down because of this error and was sent to this page.
I have no visuals in my report, although I have a good amount of data and imported tables (an amount that takes around 6-7 minutes to refresh every time).

But yes, got shut down and lost a good amount of work that not even the auto-save function helped me.

Helper III

Hi @rahulshevde 


I have had this issue multiple times today.

Has this issue not been resolved since the last year?




Advocate III

Hi, also I'm facing this issue now frequently using the Edge Browser. In my case the root cause is a custom visual from DEVSCOP called "Filter by List". This filter is great as it allows to copy/paste multiple cells from i.e. Excel into it in bulk but seems to be the issue in my case. When this filter was cleared I didn't experience any memory issues anymore.

Advocate II

Still occuring. Happens often when attempting to save the file. So frustrating that being proactive to back up my work to prevent losing my work is causing me to lose my work...