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Power BI Dataflow - Rounding to 4 decimal places doesn't work

Dataflow > Number.Round does not allow 4 decimal places.




Change datatype to Decimal and it only shows 3 decimal places




Whereas changing it to Text shows all decimal places





How can this be fixed please?


Status: New
Community Support

@Landcrab ,


Should be a by-design issue. I would suggest you create an idea here to help power bi improve.



Jimmy Tao

Helper I

@v-yuta-msft  - not sure what you mean by 'Should be a by-design issue'??

Dataflow Power Query supports the same functionality as Power BI Desktop, correct? So why does changing a column to Decimal datatype differ between Dataflow and Desktop??

Helper I

Workaround - convert to TEXT datatype in Dataflow which shows all decimal places > Extract text range/ wanted number of decimal places > Connect to Dataflow in Desktop and convert column to DECIMAL datatype which then preserves the wanted number of decimal places. Hopefully Microsoft will fix the issue long term so this workaround is not needed.