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Page Background Image Shifting on Mobile

I have an issue while using the mobile Power BI app with Page Background images. When viewing a report with background images on the mobile app, everything is shifted around and misaligned. I have experienced this issue using all three of the image fit types (Normal, Fit, and Fill) and I've also tried background images with different resolutions as well.


For some background info, my users are almost exclusively mobile users. Trying to design the report using the Phone Layout option will not work due to the limited options available (no bookmarks or button functionality). My users will also need to be able to view this report in landscape which isn't possible in the Phone Layout editor.


I have experienced this shifting image issue on both Apple and Android products though most of my users are using Apple products. Does anyone know how to get Page Background images to line up the same way on the Power BI Service and Power BI mobile app?


What the main report page looks like on the Power BI service:


For reference, all design elements - like the drop-shadow rectangles - are from the background image.


What this same page looks like on the mobile app:


As you can see, all the visuals are misaligned with the background image. What's even more puzzling is that the shifting is different almost every time I open the report. On rare occassions it's perfectly aligned so I have no idea what's causing it to change each time.


Status: Accepted
Advocate I

@v-qiuyu-msft I am having this issue still today. Has there been any update on an expected fix?