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PDF Export From Desktop not Exporting Full Pages



I posted this in the help section of the community, but I believe it is a bug with the most recent update (October 2023).


I routinely export desktop PBI reports to PDF for sharing in newsletters. Today, for some reason, when I exported to PDF, only about the top left quarter of each page is exported instead of the full page. 


I have attempted exporting multiple different reports, closing and re-opening Power BI, and restarting my computer to no avail. Nothing in my report has changed other than refreshing the data. Each page is the default 16:9 720x1280 size.


I was able to successfully export from a report published to the online workspace, but not desktop. A coworker was also able to successfully export from desktop with the August 2023 update. 


Link to help thread with numerous others with the same issue


Any help in getting this resolved would be appreciated!

Status: Delivered

Hi  all,



Please Update Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to the version 118.0.2088.76.

The solution is provided,now this thread will be closed.



Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

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Hello Community Support Team_Caitlyn:

Do you have any update on this issue?


We are experiencing the same issue and workaround solution, i.e. publish to Power BI Service and export to PDF, may not always be a solution for us.


We would need a fix that works using Power BI Desktop, i.e. as it was working in the past.  I believe it was working fine about 1 month ago.


Looking forward to any update or additional information concerning this issue.




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Isso é um recurso importante. Precisa ser agilizado a resolução.

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Just a note if you follow the workaround, depending on how intensive your calculations are you may get a 'visual has exceeded the available resources.' error compared to exporting from PowerBI Desktop. 

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I had a problem exporting my data visualizations as PDFs in Power BI. The pages were being exported out of proportion and distorted.


When I investigated the source of the problem, I realized that Power BI was using the Edge webview component. Since I couldn't uninstall Edge using normal methods, I used Revo Uninstaller, a third-party application, to uninstall Edge completely.


After uninstalling Edge, PDF export in Power BI started working smoothly and at the correct rate.

So the problem was with the Edge webview component.


If you encounter a similar error in Power BI, you can try this method. If necessary, test it by uninstalling the application. So you can find the appropriate solution to the problem. I hope this method will be useful for you too.

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Workaround that works without uninstalling Edge:


Publish your project, open powerbi web in Firefox (for example) and export to pdf from there. Works just fine for now

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Publish to Web dint work 100% for me due to certain image and Card Visual not rendering properly when export to PDF on web. I used the Canvas Scale method (change Canvas size setting to 1.5x for both horizontal and vertical pixel size for all pages) ensure the page zoom is at 100% before pressing ctrl+P to export else the current page you are focused on may be zoomed in or zoomed out depending on the zoom level. I know some reports that have many pages may not feasible but for small reports and if there is a hard requirement to run on Power BI Desktop this works.

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The only real workaround here is to use the snipping tool and lift and shift to Powerpoint..

Uploading to Fabric and exporting from there changes some of the formatting and defaults the font to times new roman - which is far from ideal when looking to follow company standards. This has been an issue for a while now so really surprised there isn't any resolution.

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Exporting from takes so much longer than exporting from the desktop app. I hope this gets fixed soon. It's putting me behind on deliverables for work. 

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We use Power BI for client deliverables and this issue prevents us from being able to service our clients. Can we have an ETA for the fix?


Using Power BI Pro is not feasible, and we have been unsuccessful at rolling back to a previous version.

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Any update?