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PDF Export From Desktop not Exporting Full Pages



I posted this in the help section of the community, but I believe it is a bug with the most recent update (October 2023).


I routinely export desktop PBI reports to PDF for sharing in newsletters. Today, for some reason, when I exported to PDF, only about the top left quarter of each page is exported instead of the full page. 


I have attempted exporting multiple different reports, closing and re-opening Power BI, and restarting my computer to no avail. Nothing in my report has changed other than refreshing the data. Each page is the default 16:9 720x1280 size.


I was able to successfully export from a report published to the online workspace, but not desktop. A coworker was also able to successfully export from desktop with the August 2023 update. 


Link to help thread with numerous others with the same issue


Any help in getting this resolved would be appreciated!

Status: Delivered

Hi  all,



Please Update Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to the version 118.0.2088.76.

The solution is provided,now this thread will be closed.



Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

Helper II


Like everyone else, same issue here and publishing to PowerBI service is not a true workaround when you're using custom visuals, i.e. R or Python.  Desktop export actually prints these visuals, I'd prefer in PPT but PDF is fine I guess.  Is Microsoft going to allow exporting of custom visuals in PowerBI Service anytime soon?

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Is there any ETA to the solution or a way to revert this update.. All of my work is frozen.

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As a workaround to this issue, instead of exporting to pdf from the desktop version, I have published my report to my workspace and then went into the web browser version of my report and exported to pdf from there and it worked perfectly.  

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I don't think they will ever do that. PBD is free while being a massively powerful tool. You don't have to buy Service to use it. Microsoft is trying to protect their revenue by limiting this functionality. Otherwise they would long time ago allowed for a command line parameters to be passed to the executable to generate PDFs, like Tableaus does.

Anyway, I'm in the same boat. In my case I don't have R or Python visuals, but I use desktop Automate to generate Letter-sized multipage reports en masse. It is impossible to do on PB Service, even for a paid client, so we had to resort to running it on desktop.

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The work around is not a viable option. Exporting to a PDF from PBI service provides a different formatting than would be achieved by exporting on my desktop. I am going to have to reformat multiple reports if this is not fixed this week. Is there an estimated time frame for this fix?

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Also experinecing the same issue on the May 2022 Report Server version. Posting in the Power BI Service is not an option and most of our reports use background images to establish a layout, so the 1.5 page size work-around will also not work for us. Resorting back to screen captures again like the olden days. 

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Reply to Community Support Team_Caitlyn
"You can publish your report to and export to PDF from the browser.
I will update here if there is any progress, so please be patient." 
When you export teh PDF from  there is a limit of 50 pages.
When is the problem going to be solved? Please give us an update.


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I made my canvas settings custom size same to my Computer Display resolution and its working fine. Try this!!!

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@erjuniorsanjipUnfortunately if your report is designed in exporting to PDF in mind, i.e. for the canvas of the Letter paper size, your suggestion doesn't help.

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I'm having the same issue. I need a permanent fix asap. I have reports that need to go out that are not able to go out now.