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On Premises DataGateway vs Personal mode

I would like to set up OnPremises DataGateway.


In MANAGE GATEWAYS I have installed DATA GATEWAY which is ONLINE with added dataPersonal_GW.JPGMANAGE_GATEWAYS.JPG sources.


Now I would like to switch connection of datasets from my report which is now on personal gateway to data gateway.

But option is greyed out in spite of ONLINE status of my DATA GATEWAY in MANAGE GATEWAYS.


Where do I make mistake?

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Please check if you are trying the same scenario as following one.


Currently, on-premise data gateway doesn't support OAuth2 based authentication. We are not able to add the online data sources in data gateway as well as on-premise data sources, so that we can't configure this kind of combined dataset to use data gateway. The workaround is to use personal gateway.


PG have started working on the data gateway to fix this issue. See: Combine enterprise gateway and online data sources.


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ok thanx,


I would stay on Personal GT until On Premises Data gateway is in full operation.


You can close this issue.


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