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Not able to change date filter type on Power BI service

Hi team,


End users reported that they are not able to change a date filter type since beginning of last week.


Date filter is set in PBI Desktop to relative "in the last 1 day" to display the data for the previous day by default:

filter ko 1.png

On the service end users were able to change filter type to "advanced" or "basic" in order to display data for any period of time but this feature has disapeared:

filter ko 2.png


Can you please check?

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Yes, same as us.
I want to report also about this issue. That's so bad when something common change.


@giangn @dom_oab ,

I am unable to reproduce this issue on my side, I am using this Power BI Service version(13.0.8885.144). Could you please tell me your Power BI Service version and how you share the report to end users?


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PowerBI DesktopPowerBI DesktopPowerBI ServicePowerBI ServicePowerBI VersionPowerBI Version


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My service version:


On production environment the report is shared with end users by giving access with email subscription.


But I am able to reproduce the issue on my own workspace with a report I publish myself with PBI Desktop.




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 I will say more,
in display mode (power bi service) on the "new filter experience" the selection of the filter type
had also been removed . After the last release it seems that the stable filter version has inherited(???) the same behavior.
I would like to know why this retroactive and restrictive decision was made?
 In our company many users (who cannot use the modification mode)
 have complained because they can no longer perform searches that they could do before.

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Our organization is also experiencing the same issue as of last week. All users have PBI Pro licenses and use the Power BI web portal. We’ve also tried different web browsers but that didn’t make a difference.


PBI Ver.png

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Hello, I don't know why this issue still not yet accepted?

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Not sure if this matters, but my on-premise Gateway version is the December 2018 update. We're planning on updating it at the end of this week to see if it resolves the filter issue (not confident that this will help at all).


What version are all of you running?

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My users are also reporting this issue.  What happened?

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Hi @v-yuezhe-msft 


There are now many users reporting the same issue.


A sample report with a simple date table can be downloaded here.


Issue reproduced with sample fileIssue reproduced with sample file

Can you please try it on your side and give us a feedback?