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Not able to change date filter type on Power BI service

Hi team,


End users reported that they are not able to change a date filter type since beginning of last week.


Date filter is set in PBI Desktop to relative "in the last 1 day" to display the data for the previous day by default:

filter ko 1.png

On the service end users were able to change filter type to "advanced" or "basic" in order to display data for any period of time but this feature has disapeared:

filter ko 2.png


Can you please check?

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Advocate II

Hi all,


Actually now it is only working when the "New lok" UI is off:

new look off OK.png


Issue is still occurring with "New look" UI on:

new look on KO.png


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I am still experiencing similar issues to what is described in this thread. Is it true this issue is still not resolved?





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I am still experiencing this issue.


And even worse: I am no longer able to switch back to "old look" UI where the filter type dropdown list used to work!

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Hi, I am experiencing the same issue, at least in part... if my date filter is on the canvas (i.e. slicer), even if I have the option for "allow users to change filter type" enabled, it doesn't work in the reading view. However, if I move the date filter off the canvas and onto the filter pane, the option appears (as shown below).


In Power BI desktop, I have this setting selected:




In Power BI desktop, a drop-down arrow appears for my date slicer on the canvas:



After publishing the report to the web service, the drop-down arrow disappears, preventing the end-user from changing the filter type:



If I move the filter from the canvas to the filters pane and republish the report, the filter type option magically reappears:




Advocate II

Hi, I confirm the issue is resolved: end users can change filter type in the filter pane when the option "Allow users to change filter types" is selected in the source PBIX.