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Not Able to Pin Visuals to Dashboard

Starting today I have been unable to pin most Power BI visualizations to any dashboards. This includes KPI cards, graphs, etc. but not data cards.

The pin button is available at the top right of each visualization, but when I click it, there is no preview on the left hand side to show what the pinned visual will look like. Then when I click the yellow "Pin" button, nothing happens (i.e. window does not close & no confirmation that the visual has been added with link to go to dashboard).

This issue occurs for all my workspaces including "My Workspace". Is there any reason for this?

I have tried deleting and republishing the report and dataset, as well as logging out of my Power BI account.



Preview missing on left hand side

Status: Accepted

Hi @reyesjon 

It's a known issue . The ID is 346379883 . 

Tested workaround : in power bi service edit mode untoggle title and retoggle title and save the report then we can pin the tile to dashboard .

The problem is being fixed, I will come back and update if there is any progress .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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@LucasVFRibeiro  -- problem is with this, now your visual on the dashboard has no title.   So visuals have less meaning when there is no title. I, too, found this fixed the problem... but a visual on a dashboard with no title is not very helpful to the viewers of the dashboard. 😕

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@dontcallmedeb You can add a tittle back by going to card settings on the dashboard

(not bulletproof, but it saved my Bacon)


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This does seem to work.  HOWEVER.  What good is the visual if you dont know what it is?  This has not always been the case.  I have been able to pin visuals with titles before.  Has something changed?

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So I turned the title off then back on again.  Now the pin is working. not sure if that would be considered a resolution.

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@OTJT_analyst -- amazing, this worked for me too.  Thanks!  Not sure why it doesn't work before doing this, but for now I'm happy to have something that I can do to make it work.

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Yes - this works, thanks!

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I have been having the same issue since Thursday evening 10/27/2022.  Still no sollution as of Tuesday 11/1/2022.

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Same issue here.  If I remove the title.  I can pin to dashboard.  However, I need the title.

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Weird issue.
Turn off and on Visual Title and republish the report. Issue got fixed.

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My visuals are a table/grid with no title. Some work, some don't.

  • Tried to copy/paste a visual -- didn't work.
  • Recreated the visual from scratch -- worked until I applied the Format Painter from the previous visual.
  • Recreated from scratch, applied the formatting manually one by one -- worked.

So weird!

I wouldn't be able to recreate all the grids from scratch again in time, especially those with parametric formattings!