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No longer able to untick / uncheck "Require single selection" box for filters on Calculation groups

In the filter pane, no longer able to untick / uncheck "Require single selection" box for filters on Calculation groups.

Until recently this box was unticked, but now it cannot be unticked / deselected on PBI service or Desktop.


Please fix, because:-

  1. cannot select mutiple values in a new filter,
  2. this issue substantially reduces the functionality to limit the visible filter / slicer values.
Status: New
Community Support

@Anonymous ,


I have made a test but couldn't reproduce your issue. Make sure power bi has been updated to the latest version. My version is like below:




Jimmy Tao

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Hi Jimmy @v-yuta-msft 


Thanks 🙂

Same as my PBI version:-



Our company's PBI Desktop & service is connected to AAS Tabular where the Calcualtion groups reside, if that helps.




Frequent Visitor
I am experiencing the same issue with calculation groups in AAS tablular. I recently update the version to August 2020.
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@v-yuta-msft @cf4394 

Hi, while waiting for Microsoft to fix this bug in PBI, my team have found a workaround, but using Ctrl to select mutiple filter values.

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@cf4394 Please Vote for this issue to make MS aware

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Hi all,


After many communications and being told initially by MS that this change was by design, our Microsoft support (paid for by my workplace) will fix this - due some time in December (but this may change).


Many thanks for voting (& please keep doing so if you are experiencing this issue) as this helped greatly to show MS that multiple users are being affected by this issue.