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No handler was found for message type 'Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageBasedOutputStream+BinaryChu

I keep running into this issue often. Is there any way to resolve this? How do we even raise a new issue through Power BI community. It only asks for new idea, but I couldn't find "report an issue" button or something like that. Am I missing something here? This UI needs vast revamping interms of userfriendliness. I'm reporting an issue through a 'new idea'.

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Frown (Error)

Error Message:
No handler was found for message type 'Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageBasedOutputStream+BinaryChunkMessage'.

Stack Trace:
at Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageHandlers.Dispatch(IMessageChannel channel, Message message)
at Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.ChannelMessenger.ChannelMessageHandlers.TryDispatch(IMessageChannel channel, Message message)

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So in my case


there are few 1:2:1relatioships and in one case the source DOES NOT INCLUDE on of the top50 IDs anymore so there is 1:2:1 no more possible. I have manually changed the data in DIM table (switched 51 into 50) and it works.



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Same issue here, no duplicate values, only happens in the latest (August 2021) version of Desktop on refresh.

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I have solved the issue now. 

The problem was that there was a duplicate value in a dimension table, which was forcing the one-to-many into a many-to-many relationship. I cleaned the data as a quick fix, but need to rely on unique ID's rather than names in the future. 

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I am having this problem since 3 days ago!

unistalling the latest version and reinstall a previous one did not solve the problem to me!

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@amaniramahi you can check duplicate values, when updating and cancelling the refresh in power bi desktop. It will tell you which table, column is causing issues. For me personally, i have some duplicate values in one of my column (caused by the 1 to many relationships, i believe that everyone's talking about, i'm not an expert on this one yet), but either i remove those duplicates, or just add a decimal point to my value to avoid having dupes. This fixed the issue!

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Ran into this issue as well, in our case it was also a duplicated value in a column that was causing it. Check the individual error messages on each of your data tables post refresh to see what the actual issue might be is all I can reccommend. 

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Hello All,


I too had the same issue while refreshing the report on Power BI desktop and was getting an error message, however I found that I had a blank row in my calendar table due to which this issue was happening,


after removing the blank rows from the calendar table, issue got resolved

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@dcorentin removing the relationships did it for me. Thanks! 

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When I tried to refresh the data this error appeared, and after it "refreshed", I could see by table where the error was. Here it was a null field on a date dim table!

Hope you solved yours!

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@Anonymous - I resolved using it using the same approach. I am lucky I was able to retrace my steps and resolve them almost immediately.