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No handler was found for message type 'Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageBasedOutputStream+BinaryChu

I keep running into this issue often. Is there any way to resolve this? How do we even raise a new issue through Power BI community. It only asks for new idea, but I couldn't find "report an issue" button or something like that. Am I missing something here? This UI needs vast revamping interms of userfriendliness. I'm reporting an issue through a 'new idea'.

Feedback Type:
Frown (Error)

Error Message:
No handler was found for message type 'Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageBasedOutputStream+BinaryChunkMessage'.

Stack Trace:
at Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageHandlers.Dispatch(IMessageChannel channel, Message message)
at Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.ChannelMessenger.ChannelMessageHandlers.TryDispatch(IMessageChannel channel, Message message)

Status: New
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I have just had the same error (using a simple sample dataset from a spreadsheet).


However, I uninstalled the latest version, and reinstalled last months version, of the Power BI Desktop.

I now have no issues on data load.  Which can only mean the latest version of Power BI is to blame for the error.


Hope this helps some of you.


FAO Development Team of Power BI, you need to look at the last version of Power BI.


Kind regards,


Alan Tindall

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i literally just started getting this error this morning.  

Column 'xx' in Table 'xx' contains a duplicate value '-32602.53' and this is not allowed for columns on the one side of a many-to-one relationship or for columns that are used as the primary key of a table. So I should be looking at this table and fix it right?
Advocate I

That's what I did @Anonymous and it worked for me.

Advocate I

Btw @Anonymous how did you find the error message?

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@dcorentin Yes, and it just worked for me. Looks like one of the sources have so many duplicates in a certain column, causing this issue. I'm glad cuz I spent a lot of time creating this report. And All i did when it gave me that error in the thread was just click on Cancel.( This was in Power BI desktop) then scroll down to where it lists the specific error/table it's related to! It helps a lot.

New Member

It worked for me. In a table, it was repeating the values, even though the value codes were different. I changed the name in the source and it worked.

Community Support

Could not reproduce it in my side as far as my test. Based on the above comments, you can try these workarounds:

  1. Use the previous version of Power BI Desktop to check it again.
  2. Try to publish ther report to Power BI Service, refresh the report to find the detail error message, if it reminds that have the duplicated value, replace it in the report and check it again.


If the above workarounds not work for you, suggest to create a support ticket here for further help.

Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Frequent Visitor

@v-yingjl Hi thanks for your reply. I have unistalled PBX, and then tried to install again - the only version that I can see on microsoft website is the latest one. When can I find earlier versions. Thanks 

Community Support

Hi @TD07 ,

For previous version of Power BI Desktop, you can get from here:

Previous monthly updates to Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service 


For more earlier version, you can get from here:

Power BI previous versions 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Regular Visitor

@dcorentin - this worked for me; thank you!!