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New card visual: Ongoing issues (Repeated indices found in GroupBy or Projections)

Good news first: It looks like with the February update, this issue was resolved: New card visual bug ... 
But sadly now there's a new issue with the visual, this time it's the custom formatting of the Reference Labels.




Some operations are causing the whole visual to throw the above error "Repeated indices found in GroupBy or Projections".
In my case it happens every time I am adding a custom format rule for Reference Label > Detail > Font Color / Color.
This is only the case when the same field is used for the formatting rule like as for the data of the detail field itself.


Status: Investigating

Hi  @timalbers 

I used a field  more than once in different properties of the same visual. The information displayed on the new card visual is still normal, and there are no errors as you say. Is it possible for you to create a sample for reference? 




Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao


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I'm getting the same issues here in my Feb 2024 version. All new card visuals that have a 'detail' in them are showing the error. I rebuilt my cards, starting from scratch. I wasn't able to edit the formatting on the existing card visual in its error state. I rebuilt Step by Step to test this, It all worked ok until I implemented my fix of last week using the 'Show Blank as' conditional function, the error reproduced itself. So it seems to me using the same field in the data tab and in the 'show blank as' field is causing the error in Feb 2024, whereas it was ok to do in previous version. 

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Thanks for raising. I am also getting this error as I mentioned in the other state. Just the thought of having to re-create 50 visuals across 10+ reports is killing me. Why can it not just work like it did two version ago? These non-fixes are so demoralising and painful for productivity.

Please fix asap.

Community Support
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HI  @timalbers 

No matter what you customize inside Reference Label > Detail > Font Color / Color , the new card will report an error, right? Can you provide a sample for reference ?

How to provide sample data in the Power BI Forum - Microsoft Fabric Community


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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Same issue here in the desktop version. In the service the visuals are still being shown, but with the issue that details won't show -> New card visual bug: Reference label detail not sh... - Microsoft Fabric Community

I rebuild the cards and even the details are shown like before, including the detailed fields containing text. The error occurs again once I apply conditional formatting.

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I have similar issue above since the new update

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Thank you for your response.

Defining the symptoms of the issue is actually quite simple: The error occurs every time a field is beeing used more than once in different properties of the same visual.


So i.e. I am using the same field for the data property of the reference label detail as for the custom formatting of the font color of it. Like here:







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I had the same problem. I even downloaded an earlier version of Power bi Desktop. In development mode, everything is normal in the old version, but when uploading to the cloud, everything is bugged.

Exemplo no desktop Versão: 2.124.1052.0 64-bit (12-23)Exemplo no desktop Versão: 2.124.1052.0 64-bit (12-23)OnlineOnline

Here usin de old desktop version:                                    Here: Online or on new version of desktop

Ver: 2.124.1052.0 64-bit (12-2023)

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Hi I've been seeing the same issue when adding 'detail' data to existing card visuals all beautifully formatted....


Works on the latest PBI version when I create a new blank reference card :') 


Do we think this issue will be fixed or is the fix going to be 'start again and now it will work from now on with a new card'??

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I'm having the same issue, all the values in my visuals have detail labels, I can see them while working on the desktop but once published I get the "Can't load data" for all the visuals with detail labels. Please fix asap.

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Now all card visuals in the Power BI Service are broken, which means we have to rebuild all card visuals which contain conditional formatting. 


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