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New Power BI Desktop interface keeps freezing - HELP

Hello, since the new ribbon interface was rolled out, my Power BI Desktop Pro is completely unresponsive and keeps freezing. I cannot minimise, maximise, or move the window at all. The ribbon is completely unresponsive. Occassionally, it will randomly unfreeze, only to re-freeze. This is affecting all my reports. I cannot get any work done. This is an issue with PowerBI and not my system, I have the latest Core i7 with 32Gb of system memory on Windows 10. All my other apps are fine. It was working fine before the new interface was rolled out. Any help would be appreciated, particularly on how I can roll this back to the previous version.


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@zelroberic @Anonymous Thanks both for your workarounds.  I did disable the ribbon in preview and that did work.  I do like th new ribbon as we've been using it since Dec release.  It would be nice if the new features/enhancements were thoroughly tested before released to the public.  


I'm going to try and add the ribbon back and try the Ctrl key if i start crashing again.

Advocate II

Turn off this feature in Preview!


This March 2020 version of Desktop was not showing the Windows frame for us - no top bar to grab and move, no icons for minimize, maximize, close.  We finally found that turning off Preview made the new version functional (but we have had only minimal use so far).


I had tried rolling back to a couple of previous versions, including February release.  None of those would even open.  Trying to open gave me a brief busy cursor, and no PBI process running in the end.


Note for the roll back, I tried two different earlier versions and uninstalling the software before install.  Also tried reboot after uninstall.  In all cases, I got this error when trying to "Launch" from the "Completed" install dialog box:

"The installer has encoutered an unexpected error installing this package.  This may indicate a problem with this package.  The error code is 2753."

Note I had used these exact same installer files previously for install with no issues.

I did the research on the 2753 and tried the many fixes, none worked, including the services and the DLL fixes.

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Yes, please fix ASAP! This has slowed down my reporting significantly as it is happening multiple times per day no matter the file size or data source. 

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Hi again.  As mentioned earlier today, I disabled the ribbon preview and it works for the most part.  However I'm still crashing. I'm wasting more of my time redoing work because I'm not saving fast enough in between crashes.  This is beyond frustrating.

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@chross I feel for you. If I was in your place, which I was last week and lost a day of productivity, I would go back to the February 2020 release until they have fixed this.

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Not sure if this will always work, but, for me, pressing Win-D twice in succession (Minimize All then un-Minimize All) unfreezes the application.

I think this used to work for the old ribbon issue as well.

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Alt-tab and Ctrl tricks work for me!

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Alt-tab worked fine! I've got it back. Not sure for how long judging the comments above. This is quite unusual for Microsoft Power BI team. I guess it was bound to happen at some point. 

My version is 2.79.5768.721 64-bit (March 2020) which is still the latest version as of today.


Handy hint for all (but hardly rocket science!): before I open each day, I copy the PBIX file and add date time stamp to the filename. Thus I always have a proper backup.

Kudo Commander

Great idea on the backups @Anonymous , I'm also cautious and keep at least weekly backups in the same way you do. I've had a corrupted file before, and I've gad to rely on backups on at least one occasion.

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I am having a similar issue, in which the entire Power BI report occasionally freezes. I have found that having the PBI windows selected and pressing "CTRL+S", saving the report, seems to unfreeze power BI. However, an additional issue is that if I minimize the power bi window and move to a different application, the Power BI icon in my toolbar is unresponsive, and will not maximize again.