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Need to "Cancel Invite" and reshare dashboard when sharing with first time users

I have been trying to roll out Power BI to my organisation (it is a rather large organisation with many users all over the country) whilst our Central IT department is working through upgrading us to Power BI Premium and I have discovered a bug that the Microsoft Customer Service person who is helping me claims is by design.


Bug that was discovered: When I share a report via a dashboard to a new Power BI user (doesn't already have a Pro Licenses) and the user signs up for a Pro Trial to see my report, I need to cancel the invite and resend it.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a report and publish it to a group
  2. Create a dashboard for the report and share it with a user who is not a Pro user yet
  3. Have your user sign up for the Power BI Pro Trial
  4. User will get "Sorry, we couldn't find that report" error


The workaround:

  1. After your user signs up for a Power BI Pro Trial (step 3 in the above), go to your dashboard and click "Cancel Invite"
  2. Resend the invite to your user


This works, however, it is a bug and it is creating a lot of extra work for the people who are producing / sharing reports as well as frustrations from our end users.


If you could fix this or assure that this will be fixed when we move to Premium, that would be really helpful in getting our users to adapt to Power BI as their new reporting tool.


Thank you,


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This is by design. Users need to properly sign in a first time in the service before to consume an invitation he received. This is needed in order to load all the data for this new user into the PBI store.


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It's very bad design.

Post Prodigy

Then the design is flawed and needs to be fixed.

How do you tell a user to go use a new report but they can't see or get the report until after they sign in and they have to tell you they signed in before you can share it?


Also, let's not forget that the initial sign in is like a FaceBook find your friends as it wants you to give up email addresses... Wtf is that all about anyway?


This happens even though you already assigned them a pro license.


These odd decisions treating it like a social network instead of a business tool are causing all of us serious problems and make for user resistance to roll out that should not exist!!

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Oh, we looked at using Apps too...but they are broken and have been broken for over a month now!  PBI error service.PNG

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We have this issue with an external customer user in one of our APPs. We released a new version of the first report in the APP, then realized there were issues with it, so we deleted it and republished an older version. Now every time the user logs into the app, she gets this error. She's cleared her cookies and browser history and still it happens. This is ridiculous! We cannot tell our customers to go sign up for Power BI Pro, then resend their invites every time we need to change out a report in one of our apps.