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More lines, not fewer, in SQL Statement window Please!!

Why, oh why?? With the May 2020 release the SQL Statement box is squished down to 5 lines visible. It was fine before, this is terrible and very hard to use. I can't express how much this will make my job harder especially when I reviewing someone elses report and investigating their SQL code. Also when I try to make a minor change 35 lines down in a 200 line query. You know what I mean.


Will you revert back to the size it was since the beginning or better yet make it so we can expand the box to see more?


Thank you.


SQL Box.png

Status: New
Community Support



You may view code in Advanced Editor and vote this idea up to help improve Power BI.


Advocate II



Thank you for the link to the idea, that's exactly what I would like to happen.


Unfortunately, advanced editor is far worse to try and view SQL code with.

Advocate II

Also just realized there's no scroll bars so I have to scroll with mouse wheel through the entire query to get to the bottom--I can't just grab the scroll bar and move quickly to the bottom of the query.


This can't have been planned and must be a bug, right??