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Missing Dataflows on Non-Premium Workspace

Hi Everyone,

I recently signed into my Power BI workpace, and all of my dataflows that were created are now gone. Wondering if there are any known issues right now with Dataflows disappearing. Looking for any help here.





Status: Accepted

Hi @iiSanneman ,


This is indeed a known issue and there is an associated ICM, Id is 345810426. I'll be back with an update if there's any progress .


Best regards,

Community Support Team Selina zhu

Helper II

I am having the same issue. It appears to have started within the last hour. Reports that were using the dataflow as the source refreshed successfully earlier this morning.

Regular Visitor

We have the exact same thing right now at my organization.  We have opened a ticket with Microsoft but no response yet.

Regular Visitor

Same thing here, I can create new ones but I can't see the ones I already had.

Advocate I

same problem on this end - ALL dataflows are missing from our environment, and reports were able to refresh this (all were set to prior to 6am Central time)

Not applicable

Same issue here, on a premium capacity workspace! 

New Member

Having the same issue here as well!

New Member

Same issue. I'm a premium customer and it's happened across all workspaces and deployment pipelines.

Advocate I

Our company is experiencing this issue as well. Seemed to have taken place sometime between 9AM - 10:30AM (CST). Has Microsoft issued an annoucement yet?

Advocate I

Nothing from Microsoft yet...

Regular Visitor

We are a premium account as well and are having the same issues, have not seen an announcement from Microsoft. I have put in a critical ticket with them.