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Measures referencing calculated columns in a composite model aren't recalculating

I have a composite model that includes an imported table with calculated columns referencing direct query tables. There are measures referencing those calculated columns and they are not refreshing properly. Visuals that contain these measures work correctly on the desktop and when initially uploaded to the Power BI service. However, after a scheduled refresh I receive an error that the visual cannot be loaded because the measure references a calculated column that does not contain any data. If I manually refresh the the model, the visuals work again until the next scheduled refresh. 

All data in the model is from the same cloud source, Azure SQL DB. 


Error text

Couldn't load the data for this visual
The expression referenced column [calculated column name] which does not hold any data because it needs to be recalculated or refreshed.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID: 0a75283a-b5ce-49df-9ac5-40d1bdc35518
Request ID: 016b09a9-3b03-6103-51fb-97d418ec0d96
Correlation ID: cae1c678-af11-9730-2017-8b5ddad16ca6
Time: Wed Feb 20 2019 09:52:35 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
Version: 13.0.8383.201
Cluster URI:

Status: Needs Info
Microsoft Employee

@Anonymous ,

What DAX do you use to create the measures and calculated columns? Could you please share sample data of the two tables and DAX formulas for us to test?

In addition, do the visuals contain only calculated columns raise error after schedule refresh?


Microsoft Employee
Status changed to: Needs Info