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January 2020 PBIRS bug

The recently released 2020 SSRS has a critical bug that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Reports worked from VS and previous version now won't run in the portal.

It seems when rendering the SQL back to MSSQL server, a parameter that is similar named as an existing one has its content replaced.


@prmUser and @prmUserName

If @prmUser = "123" and @prmUserName = "Username" and report sql has select * from table where userid = @prmUser and username = @prmUserName, SSRS is replacing the @prmUsername with - username = "123"Name


Status: New
Community Support

@Bassbr2002 ,


I would suggest you create a support ticket here.



Jimmy Tao

Frequent Visitor

I don't currently have a PBI Pro subscription.



Frequent Visitor

We are seeing the same issue on our Dev machine which has been upgraded to January 2020 PBIRS.

It appears to me to be happening when I have two different parameters that start with the same name i.e. @Family & @FamilyClass

only I'm getting the error on "Class"

it is obvious in the SQL Ttrace that it is using @Family:



AND em.[EquipFamClsCdAbbr] IN (N''GU'',N''G27'',N''GE'',N''GR'',N''GF'',N''G1'',N''GC'',N''GG'',N''GN'',N''G21'',N''G24''Class)  /*<--Should be @FamilyClass*/
  AND em.[EquipFamCdAbbr] IN (N''GU'',N''G27'',N''GE'',N''GR'',N''GF'',N''G1'',N''GC'',N''GG'',N''GN'',N''G21'',N''G24'') /*<--@Family*/



I did find that renaming @FamilyClass to @FamClass prevents the issue however it seems to clearly be a bug.


@v-yuta-msft Being a Pro user I attempted to create a bug ticket as per your suggestion, however I just seem to be brought back to the forums. Following links to create a support ticket say I need to be a tenant admin (I am a PBI Admin for our tenant), Our tenant admin however is not a PBI pro user, and therefore apparently cannot create a PBI support ticket either. This affects multiple reports and is currently preventing us from upgrading our production server.

Regular Visitor

We have the same problem after the January 2020 upgrade.
We have 40,000 reports where there is a problem with approx. 30% of them.
We support the entire Danish goverment with reports. 
This is a very big problem for us.