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Issues with Power BI Service, reports and apps are not loading

we are experiencing issues with reports in the Power BI service, they are not loading and also the Power BI App cannot be opened.


when you open a report, It is stuck on "Almost done" message. Toolbar is not loading in the service either.

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How do I find a Direct Link to a Report?  Has anyone had luck with this "workaround"

Microsoft Employee

My Direct Query Reports are now showing "Visual has exceeded available resources".

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Regarding the Original "Almost Done" loop.  We experimented with removing our Custom Theme and the Report works! 


I then enabled the Preview Feature "Customize current theme" and rebuilt the Theme using the new feature, and republished, again the Report now loads successfully.  


At least in our case, the issue seemed to be related to the old theme.


@sheraz @PattemManohar -> does this work for you as well?

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@matthamilton  yes it does though we just applied one of the built in theme for the time being. hopefully microsoft is fixing it today/tomorrow so should not be an issue anymore.

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Hi, is anyone still having these issues? When I open my report the visualisations flash up then disappear again. Driving me mad as it's been over a week now. Thanks

Advocate III

I'm having the same issue since today.

I can't share my reports from my workspace and when I Publis from the Desktop to the service, old data is stuck to the report regardless of having updated data in the Desktop versión.

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@juan_pablo it sounds like you may want to post in a separate thread.  I believe the original issue was resolved.  What we all were experiencing earlier this month was an issue where while Reports were loading, a message would show stating "Almost Done."  This message would loop and the report would never load.


Your issue sounds unrelated, and as such probably won't get recognized by support, under this thread.


Best of luck.

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I'm facing this same issue again. Apps and reports that are shared with me show up on the service but I'm stuck on the "Almost Done" loop.
The only way to get out of the loop was to refresh the report within the service itself (not refreshing your browser), and even then, only the text and images show up with my visuals stuck on being blank whilst trying to load infinitely.

This was supposed to be the first week of publsihing all the apps and reports my company has been working on and this has just caused the company to question Power BI and its consistency with report sharing. Please help.

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Hi All, what was the solution to this issue, i'm experincing the same thing 2 days now.